Basic Instruction Program

We hold regular two-days sessions for technicians who wish to offer Valplast® devices to their clients. The time spent with us gives you an understanding of this unique material, and its advantages over other partial denture materials.


The history of Valplast® and The Valplast® Corporation.

Case suitability.

Design options.

Preparation of teeth i.e. diatoric holes.

Re-waxing using pattern waxes.

Finishing procedures and polishing.

Fitting Valplast® dentures.

Repairs, relines and additions.

Adjusting and polishing Valplast® dentures.

Open questions, review and discussion.

The Basic Instruction sessions are held regularly throughout the year, with a few weeks notice. They are in-house at Norstar Laboratory , usually with about 3-4 people and 1 instructor.